Via Terra is an ecommerce designed to put consumers in contact with small farmers directly from home, giving the chance to get to know them and buy their products. Promoting healthy foods with authentic flavors as per Italian tradition.
It was my first experience as an Art Director. I held many roles, managed a team and collaborated with professionals. 

It has certainly been a formative and significant path for my career. I got involved as team leader, digital and offline creative and photographer. I accepted many challenges and I learned a lot.

The project was born in 2017 thanks to the idea of a fellow joung citizen, following the earthquake that devastated central Italy in August and October 2016.

The goal was to give a boost to the local economy through the creation of a startup for young people, but also to enhance the quality of local food and beverage by promoting and marketing niche products. An ecommerce where you can buy fresh, healthy and genuine products directly from farms.

I joined the team in 2018 as Art Director. I took care of the startup branding, creating the logo and the brand guidelines.

Since August 2018, thanks to an excellent cooperation with the Project Manager Raffaele Murani, who helped me planning the tasks and choosing the best solutions, I developed visual contents, motion design, photographs, videos and all the offline material.

Together with Michele Valleriani, the Advertsing Operations, I went onsite to over 25 local farms, our business partners, in order to produce visual content, photo & video for their products, a total of 300.
I continued to do the same work for all the farms that gradually registered to Via Terra.

Regarding the social media management, I took care of visual content, while for the copy and ads I collaborated with a professional.

Gradually in 2019 the other collaborators took different paths and I was left alone to manage the project. Unfortunately the owners were not open to taking advice on marketing strategies that would get the business off the ground, nor did they want to invest in online advertising.

At the end of September 2020 the startup financing ended, I closed the collaboration contract.
Only for the sake of the project in which I believed so much and I worked hard I have given my availability to help the owners during the Christmas period with the order fulfillment.