Skinem Cosmetics was a real challenge. I was involved since the beginning but the owner had not a a clear vision in mind of his brand’s digital presence.
We started with a landing page which then became a website and eventually an e-commerce.
I would define it as a work in progress, there were difficulties because every change of mind, every new request meant starting all over again.
My main target was to ensure a good user interface at each step.

The collaboration with the startup Skinem Cosmetics started in January 2020. My task was to design a simple landing page for the promotion of some beauty products.

I took product photos and started working on a first user interface study. My accurate work led the head of the company, also on my suggestion, to develop other web pages, therefore, from a landing page we went to an institutional site.

At this point, each product had its own dedicated page, it was a shame not to take advantage of the website potential, so from an institutional site I was asked to develop an ecommerce. 

For this last step, I proposed a new user interface layout and led a team of professionals, a copywriter and a second web developer to speed up the tasks.

I also produced all the photographic contents both fot the e-shop and social media. 

When I am needed, I continue to collaborate with the brand from time to time.